Some important and reliable Law Firms in Manhattan specialized in wills cases


In Manhattan, where the stakes are often high, planning for the future is more than just a financial endeavor, it's a deeply emotional process. Dive into an insightful exploration of law firms that specialize in estate planning and wills. From crafting impeccable legal documents to understanding the emotional dynamics of family, these firms offer a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of planning for your legacy. Whether you're a high-net-worth individual or a family just starting to think about the future, discover how Manhattan's top law firms combine legal acumen with a genuinely empathetic approach to meet your unique needs.

Moses & Singer LLP

Navigating the complexities of wealth preservation and transfer is a delicate and often emotional endeavor, something that Moses & Singer LLP understands well. The firm has been a cornerstone in Manhattan for years, representing multiple generations within families. Moses & Singer does more than draft wills and create trusts; they engage in a dialogue about family dynamics, sentimental values, and the unique needs of each client. It's this holistic approach that sets them apart.

Their attorneys delve deep into the emotional complexities that come with estate planning, working not just as legal experts but as empathetic advisors who help families face both the financial and emotional aspects of planning for the future.

Holland & Knight LLP

Another firm offering a comprehensive approach to estate planning is Holland & Knight LLP. They excel in crafting traditional wills and trusts but extend their expertise into more complex areas such as asset protection and philanthropic planning. What stands out about Holland & Knight is their focus on the family's emotional well-being.

They go beyond mere legal consultation to provide a fully personalized service designed to alleviate emotional burdens. Their attorneys work closely with families to understand unique needs and circumstances, allowing clients to face uncomfortable realities in a comforting environment. It's not just about ensuring financial security for the next generation but also about guiding families through the emotionally fraught process of planning for the inevitable.

Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP

Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP specializes in serving high-net-worth individuals and families. Their approach combines exceptional technical expertise with a deep understanding of the emotionally charged nature of estate planning.

At Kramer Levin, the relationships often last for decades and span multiple generations, a testament to their ability to balance legal expertise with a compassionate understanding of family dynamics. The firm is particularly skilled in handling complex and often technical areas such as multigenerational estate planning and offshore trust planning. Their commitment to their clients goes beyond offering legal solutions; it's about creating enduring relationships built on trust and emotional understanding.

Withers Bergman LLP

For those with international considerations, Withers Bergman LLP stands out as a premier choice. The firm has a global footprint that allows them to offer specialized services in international tax planning and cross-border estate management. What makes Withers Bergman unique is their understanding of cultural nuances and the emotional complexities that accompany international estate planning.

They take the time to understand different familial values and cultural norms, offering not just legal expertise but emotional support. Withers Bergman is especially adept at navigating the complexities that come with different legal systems and cultural expectations, ensuring a seamless and emotionally thoughtful estate planning experience.

Anderson Kill P.C.

Anderson Kill P.C. offers what can best be described as a boutique experience, backed by the resources of a larger firm. They specialize in traditional elements like wills and trusts, but their expertise also extends into the realm of elder law. This dual focus allows them to offer tailored services that address the needs of an increasingly aging population.

Their approach to estate planning is designed to minimize stress and emotional burden. The attorneys at Anderson Kill understand that the emotional complexities of planning for the end of life shouldn't be compounded by legal intricacies, and they work diligently to make the process as straightforward and comforting as possible.

Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP

Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP has carved out a reputation for offering personalized, client-focused estate planning services. The firm excels in crafting solutions that go beyond mere will drafting or trust establishment, taking into consideration the various financial and personal intricacies each family presents. With a focus on ensuring smooth transitions and avoiding future conflicts, their attorneys walk clients through complex decisions about asset allocation, guardianships, and tax planning.

But what sets them apart is the deep sense of empathy they bring to their work. They fully understand that estate planning is a deeply personal matter that often comes laden with emotional complexities. So, they take the time to not only understand the financial scope of their clients' lives but also the emotional intricacies that each family uniquely possesses.

Golenbock Eiseman Assor Bell & Peskoe LLP

Golenbock Eiseman Assor Bell & Peskoe LLP offers a broad spectrum of services tailored to meet the needs of high-net-worth individuals, business owners, and families. They are adept at navigating complex structures, such as family businesses and multiple assets in diverse jurisdictions. Beyond the legal complexities, the firm places high importance on the emotional side of estate planning.

The understanding here is that, irrespective of the complexity of one's financial affairs, there's always an emotional dimension that cannot be ignored. This could be the emotional investment one has in a family business or the sentimental value attached to family heirlooms. Golenbock Eiseman aims to address all these concerns, recognizing that a successful estate plan is one that considers not only financial security but emotional peace of mind as well.

Norris McLaughlin P.A.

Norris McLaughlin P.A. is a full-service law firm with a distinguished estate planning practice that serves a diverse range of clients, from high-net-worth individuals to families just starting the estate planning process. They offer a wide range of services, from will drafting and trust formation to more advanced strategies such as business succession planning and charitable giving. But what makes Norris McLaughlin stand out is their focus on the relational aspect of estate planning.

Understanding that talking about the future can stir up strong emotions, the firm's attorneys strive to approach these discussions with compassion and sensitivity. They view their role not just as legal experts, but as trusted advisors who can guide families through the emotional terrain that inevitably accompanies discussions about legacies, wealth transfer, and end-of-life decisions.

Cole Schotz P.C.

Cole Schotz P.C. specializes in providing tailored estate planning services with a keen focus on individual needs. The firm is particularly adept at complex planning that involves multi-generational wealth transfer, asset protection, and tax minimization. But beyond the technical aspects, Cole Schotz takes a deeply personalized approach to estate planning. They recognize that beyond the numbers and legal structures, there are real people involved with their own concerns, hopes, and fears.

With an understanding that emotional nuances are an integral part of any estate plan, their attorneys make it a point to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with clients. This enables them to craft estate plans that aren't just legally sound, but also emotionally resonant, taking into account the very human factors of family dynamics and individual wishes.

Peckar & Abramson P.C.

While Peckar & Abramson P.C. is widely recognized for its expertise in construction law, the firm also offers comprehensive estate planning services. Their approach is multidisciplinary, often involving collaboration across different legal specialties to create an estate plan that comprehensively addresses a client's needs. The firm has a reputation for being particularly meticulous, making sure no stone is left unturned, whether it's planning for contingencies or considering tax implications. But what really sets Peckar & Abramson apart is the way they integrate this meticulousness with empathy.

They understand that the technical aspects of estate planning, while important, must be complemented by a nuanced understanding of the emotional complexities that clients face when making these critical decisions about their future and legacy. By integrating legal precision with emotional understanding, the firm ensures that its clients' needs are met both in letter and in spirit.